The renovation transformed an existing 1960’s house into an open-plan modern dwelling. The design involved subtracting certain existing walls and parts of the roof to increase natural light and improve circulation. This included creating space at the back of the house for an exterior deck, which offers views to the north.

The renovation transformed the traditional San Francisco box house into a new “opened” wood tube form that provides protection from wind and weather for the rear deck on the main floor and the openings on the middle floor. An entryway was also created at the center of the house, allowing natural light to spill into the main floor core. A stair/light shaft was inserted through all levels in the center of the house to provide circulation between floors and to illuminate the walls with daylight.

The roof is designed to collect water run-off, which will be stored in future holding tanks in the utility/basement area under the home. The water will be gravity-fed to the garden irrigation system for use in the dry season. The north end of the roof is also designed to accommodate photo voltaic solar panels.