The site is located on the Eastern ridge of Glen Ellen overlooking Sonoma Valley. The structures are carefully sited on a saddle of the ridge giving protection from weather. The design of the main house utilizes the existing foundation and part of the existing structure and weaves the new elongated second floor wood tube form with the ground floor structure, similar to that of the interweaving structure of the vineyard grape vines on the adjacent rolling hills.

The design of the ground floor seamlessly connect to the adjacent outdoor spaces. Wood screens shroud the main house curtain wall on the south side and twists out to form part of the entry promenade. On the second floor of the main house, large glazed openings in the front and rear of the home frame distant views of the hills and valleys.

A guest house is connected to the main house by way of a lath/bridge promenade and the structure is perched off the edge of the saddle allowing/directing framed views to the South/East hills/valleys.

South of the main house, the pool house/pavilion stretches out toward the main vineyard slope and anchors the pool area that sits between the three structures.