The original house was modest in size, and focused its main interior spaces toward the front streetscape. The back part of the original house had no real connection to the outside garden areas. Our design focused on a strong relationship between the inside spaces and the outside garden areas, emphasing in outdoor living. In addition, integrating the new additions (in the back) with the front part of the existing house. The new floor plan layout interconnects with the existing by way of a main structural bracing wall that runs through the floor plan layout. The wall is skewed slightly to allow for a visual connection from the main space to the garden, and privacy for the back bedroom. The main house floor plan interlocks with a detached studio space and new garage structure to form part of the garden as a courtyard.


The new floating roof planes hover over the new spaces and lifted slightly to balance natural light into the main living areas and back bedroom. A new covered front porch was inserted to the existing front facade along side of the mature redwood tree.